Highspeed Photography: Drops

FromĀ http://abduzeedo.com/highspeed-photogaphy-drops

One of the greatest pleasures in Photography is experimentation. To come up with a shot, a new view of the world that none has seen yet is a true challenge… a work for a visionary, maybe. But, aren’t we all visionaries?

I’ve seen these in the web a while ago… and was thinking that this technique was born from the curiosity of someone… observing that there was more to a drop falling into water than we can see at normal eye. And he was right. There’s a world of instant, little umbrellas and mushrooms. And all he need was to try. So I tell you, try! Whatever you wanna do, try. Unless you’re planning on killing someone or robbing a bank… in those cases, please, don’t try. ;p

These are some awesome pictures taken by fantastic photographers. You should all visit their photostreams at Flickr for more of their great work just by clicking in the picture you like. I know they will all appreciate it. Let’s all show them some love! Cheers. ;)”

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